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Kingdom Code a community of people who love Jesus and love tech. We're creatives, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and innovators. So, whether you work in tech or simply have a passion for it, there's a place for you to come, learn, grow, make friends, network and have fun.

Over the next few months we're launching a set of events in Leeds to build relationships, explore how our faith and tech intersect and show off our latest projects. Kingdom Code is a place to start thinking about how our Christian worldview meets our vocation.

Upcoming Events

  • Leeds

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Wed, 10 July 2019

    The technological revolution we are currently experiencing will (and already is) radically changing Western society. Described as the 4th industrial revolution, modern technology affects all areas of our lives; from what we purchase, to how we date, to our energy consumption and employment opportunities. At the next Kingdom Code Think event Rev. Jimmy Lawrence will explore the nature of those changes, how we might think about them from a faith perspective, and crucially what we as technology producers can do about it.

Previous events

  • Leeds

    Think- Beginnings

    Wed, 8 May 2019

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