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“We are God’s ambassadors, as though God were make his appeal through us…”
– 2 Corinthians 5 v20a

You live in this world as God’s ambassador – you represent him in your homes, in your town or city, your work, in this world. What an honour and responsibility‽ And this world that you live in is one like never before – it’s a connected world, where your news, thoughts and feelings can be shared instantly via blogs, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc

But what does evangelism and discipleship look like in this highly connected world? What does it look like to be God’s ambassadors? Spending time with people, face to face is significant part of being an ambassador, but when so much communication happens digitally what do these digital tools have to offer?

In partnership with the Church of England the first Code for the Kingdom 2016 challenge is this: What you can create to help proclaim and live out the gospel in the digital space?

Here are a couple of starter questions to get you thinking…


How can you help Christians to be more confident in sharing and living the gospel? What could you make to resource and support people as they witness to their colleagues, their neighbours or their classmates? How could you help a small church feel more confident in discipling and praying for one another?


The areas that we live in have a real need for the love of Christ – how can you equip churches, groups and individuals to compassionately shine the light of the gospel into them? But the reach of technology is more than the communities that are on your doorstep, what does that mean globally too? Or what does that mean in relation to the digital communities you play a part in on Facebook, Reddit or Slack?


Our God is a creative God, and he makes you creative. What could you build to encourage or help share creativity in our evangelism and discipleship? What about inspiring creativity in others? How could you help a local parish church think about creative ways to share the gospel? Or what could you set up to help a large church innovate how they do discipleship?

What technology can we build to transform lives?

If there is anything in that sparks an idea then come at join us on the 21st–23rd October 2016. Or perhaps you don’t have an idea, but want to be part of a team that develops and designs these things. Buy a ticket, come and be a part of making this technology a reality.

Challenge sponsored by the Church of England

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