Kingdom Code

Jesus. Tech. Commission.

20th - 22nd October 2017
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Kingdom Code

Jesus. Tech. Commission.

#kcbuild17 Hackathon 20th - 22nd October 2017 Buy Hackathon Tickets

Kingdom Code: Build

From a handful of folk in a pub Kingdom Code has grown into a thriving community of Christians passionate about seeing technology used for the Kingdom. Now in its third year the hackathon is back, with a new name: Kingdom Code Build.

Build is the culmination of the year connecting thinking, chatting and is a chance to get practical and get creative. Whether that’s working on passion projects, pitches or challenges from ministries, there’s a whole host of ways to use your skills for His glory and help build the Kingdom.

Join us for Kingdom Code Build 2017.

“Great relaxed innovative atmosphere and the feeling that we were part of something really special.”

Once again #kcbuild17 is proudly hosted by the amazing folk at

Innovation Warehouse was founded in 2010 as coworking accelerator and community for digital high-growth start-up businesses in London. The idea was brought to life by a group of entrepreneurs and angel investors with significant experience and track record in working with start-ups. Every day, over 200 entrepreneurs, angels and mentors work together from our Smithfield location.

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#kcbuild17 Hackathon Tickets

What is Kingdom Code?

When the love of Jesus and a passion for tech collide, exciting things happen. Things that may just impact the Kingdom, things like Kingdom Code!

We’re a community of people who love Jesus and love tech. We’re creatives, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, ideators and innovators. We gather often to encourage, inspire and spark serendipity. So, whether you crunch data, grapple with code, place every pixel or love casting vision, there’s a place for you to come, learn, grow, make friends, network and have fun.

We typically meet on the first Monday of the month somewhere in London. Sign up, to get connected find out more about each event.


Meet a community with a shared passion for technology and a curiosity to see how it plays out in our faith.


Be inspired and inspire others with how you’re using technology, the vision you carry and projects we can build together.


Learn from others, stretch your faith and see what God will use you for as you engage and connect in His community.

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